Renaud GARCIA-FONS : Five-strings Double Bass


In this SOLO, Renaud Garcia-Fons sings a beautiful love song for his instrument by drawing inspiration from the music that comprises his world of ten recordings, coming from other times (Marcevol, Hacia Compostella) and other places around the vast Mediterranean (Jeyhounabad, Kalimbass).

Alone with his instrument (and some loops made only with bass sounds), he pushes the boundaries of an already immense technique, and unfolds a song of breathtaking beauty.

Renaud Garcia-Fons, avoiding a fall into the trap of virtuosity, our man has created a tour de force in building a world of musical strokes both bold and fine, and lyrically warm.


2009 : Solo Performance Award by the International Bass Association
2010 : Echo Deutscher MuzikPreis Jazz : Best Instrumentist
2010 : "Giraldillo" of the best Musical Interpretation at Sevilla's Flamenco Biennal for his participation to Dorantes show "Sin Muros"
2013 : Echo Deutscher MuzikPreis Jazz : Best DVD
2014 : Film Festival in Luchon : Best Music