RGF Mediterranees 200


CD autographed by the artist

Renaud García-Fons compositions and arrangements, double basses, tanbur, udu, bendir, cajon, daf, palmas
Claire Antonini baroque lute, theorbo, târ, zither, bozouki
David Venitucci accordion
Kiko Ruiz flamenco guitar, palmas
Adel Shams el-din rik, derbouka
Bruno Caillat zarb, rik, daf
Bruno Sansalone clarinets
Henri Tournier bansuris, alto flute, bass and octobass
Solea García-Fons vocal in "Los Secretos

1. Aljamiado 05:07 | 2. Luces De Lorca 03:30 | 3. Fortaleza 04:43 | 4. Los Secretos 02:12 | 5. Las Ramblas 02:39 | 6. La Demoiselle De Céret 01:39 | 7. Camp D'argeles 04:32 | 8. La Strada 03:13 | 9. Romsarom 03:23 | 10. Iraklio 03:53 | 11. Dalmatia 03:08 | 12. Mythologie 03:29 | 13. Bosphore 04:51 | 14. Bekaa 02:51 | 15. Hmar Nadir 02:33 | 16. Sinaï 04:57 | 17. Safran 05:10 | 18. Poussiere De Ksar 04:06
Total time: 65'56 

Renaud Garcia-Fons - SOLO“The project of a musical voyage grew slowly with me – I guess it has to do with my Spanish and Italian roots. The trip that we take here begins on the most Southern tip of Spain, progresses along the Northern Mediterranean coast until it reaches the Bosporus, turns south to the Lebanon, then Egypt and winds up on the North – African side of the Gibraltar straits. There is nothing ethno-musical or touristy on this journey but simply the desire to be led on the passionate path propelled by the melodies. Melody is at any rate the connecting link of all Mediterranean people! I began each composition with simple melodies, sometimes solemn, but also joyful, dancing or meditative – each time another possibility to dig into an emotion, a scent or an atmosphere. On each step a new rhythm, a new orchestration, sketches of images, fragments of different lifes surface. This voyage is an exploration of the chain that links East and West in the sense the forgotten language Aljamiado ( literature spoken in Spanish but written in the Arabic consonant language) to which the first piece is dedicated.“ -- Renaud García-Fons The career of the extraordinary bassist develops rapidly. Each new release by him is watched with great attention as it throws yet another light on his musical cosmos. And now he turns more and more toward his Mediterranean roots. His 5-string technique on the double bass is unsurpassed and admired globally. After his solid European success (ECHO prize category bass in Germany 2010) he now stretches out crossing the Atlantic (front cover of US Bassman magazine) on his fourth tour through the USA and Canada within three years. At most welcome surprise is the participation of his 17 year old daughter Solea who does the vocal on Los Secretos.