Live on stage

15/01 Bielefeld - Mittwochs Konzerte DE
16/01 Sendesaal Bremen  DE
01/02 Frisson Baroque  - Collégien 77
02/02 Frisson Baroque  - Parc de Rentilly 77
18/02 Théâtre Municipal - Djazz Nevers 58
10/03 Chapelle Corneille - Rouen 76
20/03 Chateau de Pondres - Jazz à Junas - Villevieille 30
27/03 Schopfheim DE
29/03 Auditorium MMD   Bagneux  92
04/04 Soirs en Scène - Labastide St Pierre  82
20/05 Opera - Lille 59

"La vie devant soi" - "Revoir Paris"
24/01 St Fons Jazz Festival  69
31/01 Festival de Jazz de Sens  89
05/03 Ortisei IT
28/03 Jazz de Mars  - Mainvilliers 28
26/04 Le Nautile - Aprem Jazz - La Forêt-Fouesnant 29

"Le souffle des cordes"
29/02 Maison de la Radio - Paris 75
12/03 Pianocktail - Bouguenais 44

"Prinz Ahmed" 

13/02 Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftunge München DE

01/04 Auditorium - Annemasse 74


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Renaud Garcia-Fons : 5 strings Double Bass
David Venitucci : Accordeon
Kiko Ruiz : Flamenca Guitar
Pascal Rollando : Cajon, djembe, bongos, shakers

Special Guest on Request :
Sabrina Romero : vocal and flamenca dance

« La Línea del Sur is my way of tying a knot with the many musical worlds that illuminated my childhood, namely, the music of the Mediterranean Rim, Latin America, fl amenco and jazz. Naturally, the profound love I felt for these musical styles was my starting point on the journey along the roads of an imaginary South, a dreamland rooted in a multitude of musical traditions all sharing a love for songs that emerge from the depths of the soul.
From one composition to the next, the accordion, fl amenco guitar, percussion, and double bass incarnate the instruments of the journey. Taking turns to be singers and accompanists, they gravitate from intimate expression to the daringness of an orchestra.
Esperanza Fernandez, a grand voice of fl amenco, is our guest for three songs. She makes a unique contribution to a musical idiom that expands the frontiers of Andalucía all the way to the New World. The words are inspired by the mystical Persian poet Rumi and they speak of the purity of the soul in love, on a quest for freedom. The album is put together like a book of short stories: each of the eleven compositions is a chronicle of this imaginary, boundless South. The mystery and intensity of the photography by Javier Arcenillas were my inspiration while I wrote and produced. »

Renaud Garcia-Fons

RENAUD GARCIA-FONS "La Linea del Sur" Live in Jazz sous les Pommiers, 2010


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