Live on stage

11/08 Utopies Festival de Pisy - 89
21/09 La Chaufferie - Tourcoing - 59
04/10 Galway Jazz Festival - Eire
10/11 Dresde - Germany
11/11 Ulm - Germany
12/11 Treibhaus -  Innsbruck - Austria
29/11 Mediathèque Gentilly - 94
30/11 Le Papillon Bleu - Théâtre de Roanne - 42

"Paseo a dos" 
06/09 Talos Jazz Festiva Ruvo di Puglia - Italy

"La vie devant soi" - "Revoir Paris"
17/09 Jazz en Touraine - Montlouis sur Loire - 37
08/11 Duisburg - Germany

23/09 Hamburg - Germany
06/11 Venezia - Italy
24/11 Messina - Italy

24/10 Philharmony Skopje - Macedonia



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Renaud GARCIA-FONS : 5 strings double bass
Kiko RUIZ : FLamenca Guitar
Pascal ROLLANDO : Percussion


Renaud Garcia-Fons is a composer inspired by Mediterannean sea; Arcoluz is mainly inspired by Spain but the jouerney goes from Andalucia to Arabic peninsula from India to Sotuh America and comes back through Brittany. That's why the recording ends with  "Entre Continentes"

With his fellowship partners Kiko Ruiz pn flamenca guitar and Pascal Rollando on percussion, Renaud Garcia-Fons proposes with this trio a chamber music from the 21st century, which melodies seemsfamiliar to all of us, with always this incredible maestria symbolized by this stunning arco.


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