Live on stage


09/11 Ingolstadt Jazztage - Germany
10/11 Dresde - Germany
11/11 Ulm - Germany
12/11 Treibhaus -  Innsbruck - Austria
13/11 Unterfahrt München - Germany
29/11 Mediathèque Gentilly - 94
30/11 Le Papillon Bleu - Théâtre de Roanne - 42
15/01 Bielefeld - Mittwochs Konzerte
16/01 Sendesaal Bremen

"La vie devant soi" - "Revoir Paris"

08/11 Duisburg - Germany
24/01 St Fons Jazz Festival - 69
31/01 Festival de Jazz de Sens - 89


24/11 Messina - Italy



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Renaud GARCIA-FONS : 5 strings Double bass

Claire ANTONINI : Târ, Theorb
Bruno CAILLAT : Zarb, Daf, Cajon

Ensemble RAZBAR : Tanbur, Daf, Kamantche, Dohol, Ney, Balaban, Oud, Vocal, Dance

The music of Razbar is intense and original. It doesn't sounds like any other. Mixing instruments like tanbur, metallic strings lute from Central Asia, daf , iranian kamantche, voices with unpredictible ornaments , brings a singular harmony opened to modernity

 Renaud Garcia-Fons whose inimitable style is inspired by music of the whole wolrd makes a new step with Djanan in his wish to join cultures in a meeting respectful of the holy nature of tradition.


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